Ballot Question:

Shall Platte County, Missouri impose a countywide sales tax at the rate of one half of one percent for a period of six and a quarter years from the date on which such tax is first imposed for the purpose of capital improvements, including without limitation the construction of a jail expansion and improvements to the existing jail and other county facilities?

This proposal meets the following objectives:

  1. Aims to increase safety for deputies and communities
  2. Creates a long-term solution (20+ years)
  3. Adds the beds needed according to the jail study
  4. Repairs existing jail to extend life of previous investment
  5. Creates additional storage for equipment and evidence
  6. Provides additional prosecutor space
  7. Provides additional courtroom
  8. Maximizes operational efficiency
  9. Reduces liability to Platte County and its taxpayers
  10. Funds needed repairs to other county buildings

Eric Zahnd, Prosecutor:
“The prosecutor’s office has simply run out of space. We are facing more violent and more complex crimes, but seven assistant prosecutors have no private office, which severely impacts their ability to communicate about sensitive matters with victims, witnesses, and law enforcement officers.”

Sheriff Mark Owen:
“There are days when the inmates outnumber the permanent bunks in the jail. This causes us several types of problems including management and staff safety issues.”